December 13, 2018

Exceptional dinner in '8' of Couvent des Jacobins and CALICEM in Hong-Kong

December 13, 2018. Tim's Kitchen, a culinary institution of Cantonese cuisine in Hong-Kong, and The Fine Wine Experience welcomed Couvent des Jacobins for an exceptional diner celebrating the end of year 2018. And what else than a collection of vintages in '8' for this occasion? Our guests tasted a series of vintages in '8' including 1978, 1988, 1998 an 2008 from Couvent, directly flown from the family's private cellar, along with delicate Cantonese dishes, including the marinated goat foll, the over-baked pigeon in its lotus leaf, or the choi sum in supreme soup. Our guests could also be the first in Hong-Kong to taste CALICEM, introduced for the first time in Hong-Kong as part of this dinner, and distributed by The Fine Wine Experience. It was a great pleasure for us to meet our Hong-Kong guests and thank you to the staff at Tim's Kitchen and FWE for this memorable evening.

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