At the heart of Saint-Émilion

A history-filled place built in the 13th century

Opening the door of Couvent des Jacobins is like entering in a place that has gone through nearly seven centuries while preserving its identity.


The family's objective has been to keep alive the spirit of the Jacobin Friars. At Couvent des Jacobins, it feels like time has stopped.

The former bakery of the friars, located next to the East moats of the village, is the oldest part of Couvent des Jacobins. It was built in 1389 and is now the tasting room of the estate.


The family renovated the 'garden of prayers' in the 1980s. The cloister was also rebuilt in 1985. Likewise, the old dining room of the Jacobin Brothers, which used to host a dozen friars seating around a long table, has now been converted into a small ageing cellar.


Beyond the centuries, and with small touches, the soul of the Couvent has been reinstated...


The history of Couvent des Jacobins continues in the underground cellar of the estate, 10 meters below the house. Quarries in the 17th and 18th centuries, they have been used for wine storage since the beginning of the 20th century, thanks to their high natural humidity content and a constant temperature of 15°C throughout the year.

The underground cellar also contains the memory of more than a century of presence of the JEAN and JOINAUD families at the estate. Numerous bottles of old vintages of Couvent des Jacobins, a "library" of great wines of Saint-Émilion, are kept, every year, for future generations.

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