June 1, 2019

CALICEM unveils the back-label design of its 2016 vintage

June 1, 2019. Tradition continues. After the 'whirlpool' design of the back-label of CALICEM 2015, 'observation' is the theme of the back-label of vintage 2016. The visual is all about curves and movement; the drawing is delicate and ethereal. A small fragment of text, the continuation of the poem of CALICEM initiated for the first vintage of the cuvée in 2015, and which anchors our long-term commitment to CALICEM. We created only 1,776 bottles of CALICEM, numbered by hand, in the 2016 vintage, along with a few large formats.

We invite you to click on the "download" button below for more information.

creation vinium