April 25, 2020

Couvent Welcomes Two Beehives On The Domaine

Couvent des Jacobins is welcoming two beehives at the heart of its vineyard on the Southwest slope of the Hill of Saint-Emilion.


Bees, though very small, have a fundamental role in the food ecosystem because they contribute to the pollination of more than three quarters of flower and grown plants and trees worldwide, notably in fruit, vegetable and oil-seeds agriculture. Despite this very critical role, bees are threatened by a growing number of phenomena that destroy their habitat. They are so important that the United Nations have created a World Bee Day on May 20 !

Couvent des Jacobins is very proud, at our small scale, to contribute to their protection. The location of the beehives at the heart of the domaine will benefit from the organic farming practices at Couvent (2019 was the last year of official conversion) and at nearby Chateaux such as organic farming-certified Chateau Coutet. 


Jean-Luc, a team member at Couvent and a passionate about bees, is now taking care of the beehives (you can see him on the photo). We hope to share with you some of Couvent's honey in 2021!

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