October 1, 2021

Harvest 2021 at CALICEM

It is in this magical place at the heart of the South-West Amphitheater and nested within First Growths that the 'doll chai' of CALICEM welcomed the 2021 harvest.

The 2021 CALICEM harvest lasted about a day for the hectare plot. Berries of these very old merlot vines were ripe, fruity, little impacted by the frost or the humid conditions of the campaign. They will evolve and complexify during the forthcoming long ageing in oaks.

This year was a most unusual one given the unusual weather conditions experienced throughout the year. Our teams t the vineyard and at the Chai, and until the harvest, worked with such dedication to bring us what will undoubtedly be another unique expression of the CALICEM old merlots in 2021. The vinification and fermentations are now ongoing in the oaks. The vintage will be unveiled during the 2021 primeurs that will take place in April 2022.

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