10/07, 2021

Welcome to Couvent 2021!

Welcome to vintage 2021 of Couvent !

We have completed the harvest in the first week of October. Our Petit-Verdot plot -- a trademark of the wine identity of Couvent -- was the last one to be harvested over slightly more than half a day. The harvest was relatively long - waiting for an optimal ripening, for drier and sunnier harvest conditions, which eventually came towards the end of September. 

A most unusual year and a big "thank you" to our teams at the vineyard, at the chai, our team of harvesters and sorters, for your enthousiasme and passion in a year where every moment counted.

Vintage 2021 will be unique. The fermentation, ageing choices for the vintage are being made right now to bring you an original expression of this 2021 vintage, while keeping Couvent's trademark freshness, acidity, delicate bouquet and long ageing potential. Stay tune, more to come for the 2021 primeurs in April 2022.

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